Frequently Asked Questions


What is PitchLink?
PitchLink lets you make your best sales pitch to prospects and clients without having to meet them in person. PitchLink allows you to make a sales pitch as good as an across-the-table meeting and send it to the client as a single link that includes all supporting documents and files besides the pitch itself. All ongoing conversations can also be carried out in the same interface accessed through that single link. Now you can deliver sales pitches that never deviate from scripts, available on the cloud, so the client can access it at any time and place of his choice and does not have to download anything. Ever.
Why do I need to switch to sales mode?
PitchLink distinguishes the transactional role of selling from that of the administrative role. If you are the Admin or the Sales Team Admin you will need to switch to your Sales Person Role ( use the link next to your name on the NAV bar ) to be able to send your pitches to your prospects and interact with them. This way administrative tasks like managing team and tracking team / company analytics can be kept separate from the specific tasks for selling.
Why are my cloud imports are approved/disapproved by default?
If you are the Sales Person your imports are approved for your own use by default. If you are the Admin or Sales Team Admin your imports are disapproved for team use by default. You need to approve the files you imported for use by the entire sales team other than those you want to keep accessible to yourself only.
What is a PitchMap?
When you are planning to send a pitch you need to plan it out. What would be the introduction, what collaterals would you use to build your case? What type of a feedback form would you need? Do you have one already or should you build a new form? All these take time and planning. The PitchMap tool allows you to create the structure of the pitch that you will eventually build with real files and collaterals. Think of it as a mind map for your pitch where you can jot your thoughts and play around with the structure without getting into the choosing the files and adding content.
Why do I have to again name my pitch while using a PitchMap and not use the PitchMap title itself?
A PitchMap is a structure or template which you can re use any number of times by making small changes in the template. For example if you are selling to Consumer Electronics brands you may use the same template for say multiple Phone manufacturers with minor changes and personalization’s. For this reason you need to appropriately name your pitches so that it makes sense to your prospect and helps you identify the right pitch from within hundreds sent. You should also use the Description and Tags fields judiciously to help find Pitches later.
Do you have a mobile app?
PitchLink is completely mobile optimized to ensure it is friction free. You can do everything from within your mobile browser. The use of an app restricts the ability of your customers to immediately engage with your pitch unless they are in front of their computers. Or unless they download the PitchLink specific app. We wanted to ensure that none of that is necessary. If you send a pitch, the recipient will be able to take a look at it immediately on his mobile device without any break or distraction.
Why do I see this message when I upload files - "The uploaded files will be available in your content manager after 15 mins.'?
When you upload files to PitchLink you will see this message. This is because Pitchlink checks for viruses as well as encrypts all uploaded file to ensure everything functions as desired. With thousands of files being processed at any given time and for maintaining necessary security of the service this is important. We are working on making this faster.
Why is it important to add Description and Tags?
Most uploads and new creations will allow you to write descriptions and add tags. Description of files is what your prospects see when they mouse over the element icons on the pitchlink. Tags on the other hand helps you find the right file, presentation, video or your own ContextBridge elements when creating a new pitch. Make the DESCRIPTION short but informative ( include what that file contains so prospects do not skip the element in the pitch ) and for TAGS include product or service name, type of customers, stage of pitch ( early, first, follow up etc.) so you can find them quickly later.
What is the Duplicate Pitch feature?
You can duplicate a pitch you have already created by a single click. This is helpful when you want to send a similar pitch to a different company and all you need to do is change some files used on the pitch, the personalized messages and perhaps the response form. Just click Duplicate and then use Edit to make the desired changes instead of starting from scratch. This will save you hours and will ensure you can send personalized pitches to every customer. It is as easy as copying and modifying an email but a whole lot more effective. You can access it under Actions within the All Pitches section.
Where can I learn more about how to use PitchLink?
You can see detailed guides on how to use PitchLink in our *Guides* section which you can access post sign up.


Is your hosting secure?
We are hosted in Amazon’s AWS. AWS explains their security policy an standards here: https://aws.amazon.com/compliance
How is data protected within PitchLink?
All data transfer is encrypted — absolutely nothing goes over the network without encryption.  We monitor the security environment  regularly and  turn around quick fixes to new issues and security holes as they are discovered.
What is your data privacy policy?
All content you upload, all Pitches you construct, all conversations you carry out with your customers is private to your organisation. Our role is that of safe keepers of your content and data on the behalf of organisations that use PitchLink. Moreover PitchLInk never sells or shares contact information with anyone. You can find our privacy policy here.


What are your Terms of Service (TOS)?

Billing & Invoice

Why do you provide a 90 day free trial?
We are a small company and we use a lot of SAAS products. Typically we figured that 14 days free just doesn't work for a team. For a single person or a couple it still might. But since you are a running business, you are, well, running your business. You are not going to stop every thing to learn a new service because it is free for 14 days only. No wonder 40 - 60% of SAAS sign ups never return for, hold your breath, a second time to the application. We wanted to ensure you get enough time to get your team on board, upload content and collaterals, potter around, get comfortable and then USE the product. And that takes time. 90 days it is!
Why don’t you have any “Forever Free” tier?
Typically these are very low threshold accounts which are not of much use. We believe, if you find PitchLink useful you wouldn’t worry about paying for it. You can use a full featured version for 90 days with Unlimited everything. Also you can actually extend the Free tier up to one year by inviting your friends to sign up (Check the Invite Friends Program). Thats pretty cool, right? By that time you should be totally comfortable with the low monthly fees we are offering currently. If not, why would you want it even it is FREE? This tool, unlike many, is directly contributing to your top and bottom lines. The basic tier costs only as much as 10 cups of coffee ( perhaps less in some markets ). And that allows you to engage with 100 customers.

The equation is like this :
1 cup of coffee = 10 customer pitches and ongoing engagement.
We rest our case!
How many members can we have in the team? How are they billed?
There are no limits to how many team members you can have. You pay one flat monthly fee based on the plan you have chosen.
What are the extra features in the premium account?
All features are available in all plans. The extra you pay is towards extra PitchLinks and additional storage provided for in the plan.
Why are there no extra features when we pay more?
We do not believe in "cripple-ware". All features are available in all plans. The "extras" are only in terms of number of pitches you can make every month, and storage capacity.
If we de-activate, can we get a refund?
You can cancel your plan at any time. We will refund the prorate value of the remaining term. We will also ensure you can get all your data out of PitchLink smoothly.

Having stated the policy – Don’t ever leave!
What are my payment options - credit card and/or invoicing?
When you sign up for a paid plan end of our Free trial period, you need to provide a Credit card which will be charged monthly or annually based on the option you have chosen.

Invite Friends Program

What is the Invite Friends Program and how does it benefit me?
For each friend who signs up using your invite link, you get 15 days extra of the Bugle plan for FREE. You can get up to 9 months of FREE Bugle plan $891 value. Your friend gets 1 month FREE on top of the 90 days standard Sign Up plan. Gift them a 120 day FREE plan today. Help us spread the word!

This offer valid till 31st December 2017.

Getting Started

You are one of the following:
- Admin / Head of Sales of your Company Account
- Sales Team Member
- Client Recipient of a PitchLink from a vendor or proposer


Admin / Head of Sales of your Company Account

If you have signed up your company account you can
- Admin Guide for PitchLink on how PitchLink works and how to get things like Uploading files, tagging and writing descriptions done
- You can start by adding and inviting your Sales Team members to join
- Or you can send invites to friends and spread the word about PitchLink - helping them as well as your company by extending your 90 day FREE Trial, 15 days at a time.

Each Link will be linked to respective sections and if the person is not registered give him a message you are not logged in. You can : Log in or Sign Up. Each of these taking the guest to respective pages.


Sales Team Member

If you just received an invite from your Admin or Head of Sales you click on the link and once you are in your landing page at PitchLink you can
- Edit and update your profile
- Sales Person Guide for PitchLink
- View the pitches


Client Recipient of a PitchLink from a vendor or proposer

You are possibly here because you just received a PitchLink from a Vendor or someone in your company forwarded you a pitch. Once you click on the link and reach your landing page at PitchLink you can
- Review the mail that came with the link
- Review the company and the sales person that sent the PitchLink to your Company
- Click on the View Pitch button to view and engage with the pitch
- if you find it useful you can also initiate and sign up your company for the PitchLink service and start a 90 Day FREE trial account to send out pitches on your own.
- Client Guide for PitchLink


When you sign up and claim your Company Domain you are by default the Administrator of the account. You can make someone else the Admin as well and retain only a Team Members role if you

Sales Team Admin
If you signed up for the PitchLink account for your company you were designated Admin. You can hand over the Admin responsibilities to your colleague who is typically in charge of IT in your organisation. You can continue to remain as the Sales Team Admin with specific powers that the Sales Person role does not have. These include the ability to Add members to your team. Approve files and Pitches created by any Sales Person for team use, Manage Company profile that appears on each Pitch sent out by your team amongst other things.

As you log into your PitchLink Admin or Sales Person account you will see a comprehensive dashboard showing your activities including the latest comments and notifications, most sent pitches, number of pitches sent vs opened, most engaging files, most used pitch etc.

Built in Analytics allows the Sales Person monitor the engagement of the prospect as well stay clued into the conversations. The Admin can monitor each member of the sales team through pitches sent, and the engagement of the prospect. This allows the Sales head advice the team member with additional insights based on data from the rest of the team.

All your sales and marketing collaterals that are available for use.

Conversation thread
Associated with each element or file in your PitchFlow a conversation can be initiated by you or your customer. This will be visible to the Sales Person on the Analytics Dashboard thus allowing him or her to engage with the customer in a time shifted chat.

You claim your domain with your company name which becomes your home at PitchLink. All activities happen here for your team.

Each file added to the PitchFlow - photo, audio, video, word, excel, ppt etc are called its elements. These are numbered in sequence so that referring to them in conversations become easy.

Individual files that you upload to your repository in PitchLink.

This is where you create and organise your content in your repository in Pitchlink.

Under help you will find Guides which will show you all step by step instructions to whatever you want to do in PItchLink. From Signing up to inviting team members to constructing your Pitch. Its all there.

Mail thread
Every time you send a PitchLink you can write an introductory or contextual mail. However after the customer or prospect clicks on it he never has to go back to the mail to refer to it. It is available within the PitchLInk interface. Every time the Pitch is forwarded the accompanying mail will also get added to the mail thread. So anyone joining late will always be able to get the complete context.

A Pitch consists of the mail threads, the PitchFlow with multiple elements and in some cases a feedback form, associated files, conversation threads and Specific Analytics.

Public Pitch
Public pitches are PitchLinks that you can embed in your blog or website or share in public forums as against sending it to someone specific. Our initial tests show that a embedded pitchlink on your homepage will give you more engaged visitor experience than a simple explainer video and will also help you get opt in customer registrations.

Followup Pitch
PitchLink is the best way to reach out to prospects and engage them in your product story and sales process. As discussions progress through the discovery sessions and prospects provide you with inputs, you may want to send them a follow up with a more customized pitch. This new pitch will be available to your customers in a threaded conversation. It will also help new participants invited into the pitch get context of the ongoing discussions. This progressive approach helps you move the prospect towards closure.

Duplicate Pitch
You can duplicate a pitch you have already created by a single click. This is helpful when you want to send a similar pitch to a different company and all you need to do is change some files used on the pitch, the personalized messages and perhaps the response form. Just click Duplicate and then use Edit to make the desired changes instead of starting from scratch. This will save you hours and will ensure you can send personalized pitches to every customer. It is as easy as an email but a whole lot more effective.

Freeze Pitch
Freezing a pitch will block access to the pitch to all the recipients of the pitch as well as to the sender. You will need to unfreeze the pitch to restore access which you can do anytime. You typically do this when you think you may revisit the pitch at a later date or the prospect is not ready to engage in a buying process just yet.

Close Pitch
Closing a pitch will make the pitch read only. Ability to post comments, sharing and submitting a linked form (if any) will stop. The pitch will remain open to all the recipients of this pitch. This you are likely to use when a) the sale is completed b) you have sent a follow up pitch as the next step to the current pitch. Please note this action is permanent and cannot be reversed.

A PitchFlow is one pitch constructed with -
1. A defined series of multiple files in multiple formats,
2. Associated Resources ( additional material for your client ) organised in folders and
3. A Requirement Discovery / Need Analysis or Feedback Form.

Requirement Discovery / Need Analysis forms
The form builder available within the PitchLInk interface will allow you to create specific forms for each Pitch for requirement discovery and need analysis or simply for feedback.

This is your sales team including all members whom you have invited to PitchLink.

In all major interfaces a Tour will be available when you get there for the first time. The tour provides a walkthrough to the user with the various buttons, functionalities and sequence of events of the interface.